Allianz Case Study 

Allianz were having issues with heat gain caused by direct sunlight penetrating the building through their predominantly glass fronted building. This in turn was resulting in rising utility bills for Great West House. The cost of maintaining the desired internal temperature was steadily increasing and Allianz wanted a solution to arrest this. 
Once they had made their issues clear to iGP, an initial free of charge survey was conducted. The results prompted the proposed installation of 200 micron Class A Silver 20 combination bomb blast/Solar film which reduces heat gain from the sun by up to 80% as well as protecting the employees from potentially lethal flying shards of glass in the event of an explosion. 
The film was installed on all external facing elevations of glass to truly combat the issue of heat gain, glare and security concerns. The work was completed out of working hours to minimise the impact on the working environment of Allianz. Since the installation, Allianz have seen a dramatic reduction in the utilities bill and, furthermore, a reduction in their carbon emissions and CO2 wastage. 
We were having issues at Great West House with heat gain in our building and this was driving our costs of air-conditioning the office higher and higher. On top of this and taking into consideration our location on the M4 corridor into London, we also wanted to ensure our building was as safe as we could make it for our employees and neighbours. After communicating our concerns with iGP they came up with the perfect solution for both. iGP came on site and conducted a survey then proposed a combination film that combated both issues at once, they then carried the work out quickly and efficiently and I would have no reservations recommending them to any company in the future. 
Energy Manager, Great West House 



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